WMF 5000

WMF 5000

Price: $1,000.00


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What inspired WMF to develop the fullyautomated
WMF 5000 S?

New technology makes us feel we can live life faster. We’re
no longer prepared to wait. We expect instant gratification –
the products we order, instantly delivered.
With the WMF 5000 S, it is precisely this need we are
addressing: we’ve developed a machine that packs the
performance capacity of a large, fully-automated coffee
machine into a slim, sleek appliance. With the WMF 5000 S,
we are offering a machine that not only makes fantastic
coffee, but produces consistently high quality faster – and
is easy to use, to boot.

Which particular features make the WMF 5000 S
so unique?

Our technical innovations play a key role here. The machine
benefits, for example, from a high-performance brewer that
is generally only used in large coffee machines. This reliably
ensures high-speed, top quality coffee over the long haul.
Equally, the Dynamic Milk system, which prepares hot and
cold milk, as well as a full range of hot and cold milk foam
consistencies, guarantees a completely natural milk flavour.
That’s how we satisfy every individual customer taste and

Why should no business be without a
WMF 5000 S?

Quite simple. The WMF 5000 S has an inbuilt recipe for
success: The more indulgence created per hour, the greater
your daily turnover. And that should appeal to anyone
wanting to achieve business success through sheer love of coffee.


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