SANREMO TORINO ( 2 and 3 groups)

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SANREMO TORINO ( 2 and 3 groups)

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A note of artistic pleasure behind a vintage design. Technology perfectly tuned with a perfect result.

Torino, Good sound.

  • Spotlights
  • SED and SAP versions: two declination of Torino to suit every need;
  • Service Bluetooth System to manage, using Bluetooth, all the technical assistance parameters.

A sound of the past.

A design that is not just aesthetically appealing but also comprises the models of audio systems used in the 1960s, combining past times with modern sturdiness. Torino is a machine that stands out from the crowd. All details are fully visible thanks to spotlights, which give it a vibrant look resembling a suspended note. With this machine, Sanremo quality and reliability are able to express themselves to the fullest.


Top-quality mechanics.

The quality of a cup of coffee is ensured thanks to the use of the traditional heat exchanger system with thermosyphon circulation and units with static pre-infusion, which allow for constant thermal stability. In order to meet the preferences and needs of Baristas, we have developed two versions of this machine: the Sed version and the Sap version. The Sed version allows the user to program the doses by means of a push-button, ensuring an electronic dosing system. The Sap version, instead, offers semi-automatic programming, continuous dispensing is controlled by means of an on/off button.


Bonus track.

In order to assist you in the best possible way when preparing your cappuccino, we have developed and designed the steam taps so that, thanks to a unique mix of air and steam, you can obtain perfect frothed milk with the ideal consistency. In addition to its other outstanding features, Torino offers a Bluetooth System Service, an exclusive Bluetooth system that allows you to manage technical support parameters and to keep track of the number of coffees dispensed simply by using a smartphone or tablet with a dedicated app.

production of hot water and steam, controlled by a transducer to ensure thermal stability and full steam power. A cup of coffee which is able to reflect your individual style.


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